Why start-ups communicate so poorly

When an idea starts to boil in an entrepreneurs head the first thoughts always go to technical details, then funding, and finally developing the product or service. Each of these steps requires specific work, skills and resources. For most seminar speakers there is no problem to structure the launch of a start-up.

As a great majority of newly set up businesses is related to technology, the digital environment seems the natural home of the promotion teams. Nevertheless, it’s not all about digital marketing, social media and website design. A clear communication strategy will be required in order to achieve a solid reputation and a brand awareness. And right at this point most start-ups fail.

One reason for this failure lies in the lack of automatized external communication platforms. While internal communication has become really easy through collaborative apps and platforms, external communication still relies on personal work from the communication department.

Right at the beginning of a new enterprise many aspects become priorities and need funding and resources. Following our experience and after examining a wide range of startup initiatives, we definitely found that communication does no form part of the preferences of many entrepreneurs because they either do not believe in the utility of media or they just ignore how to create reputation and brand awareness through media work and coverage.

We´ve experienced quite a lot of situations where our clients had certain advantages with their pitch while they were able to show their media appearances. In some cases they even were approached by stakeholders and investors that came across their products or services in qualified media.

Therefore, we do believe that press work right from the beginning of the project will have a thorough effect on reputation and even on the success of the idea behind a start-up.

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